The ruins of great plantation houses recall the days when St Croix rivaled Barbados as the greatest producer of sugar in the West Indies. Those days are long gone, but the island’s heritage still prevails. St Croix is 28 miles long by 7 miles wide, encompassing 84 square miles of rolling land that used to be covered with waving carpets of sugar cane.


The US dollar us used island wide. Taxi rates are posted, but look before you leap – as most rates are per person. Negotiate with a cab drives if you are going to want an island tour – he’ll probably give you a good rate.


Don’t miss a stop at Whim Greathouse, one of the island’s showplaces. One mile east of Whim visit St George’s Botanical Gardens, which are set on 16 acres of land that once an Indian settlement. An arcade of royal palms marks the entryway, and then leads to the rare and exotic plantings which have been developed around the ruins of the old village homes and work buildings. No one with a feeling for history can remain insensible to the experience of seeing where Columbus anchored at Salt River in 1493. He called it “El Cabo de las Flechas”, or Cape of the Arrows, in memory of the reception he got when he landed.