Nassau, The Bahamas


The islands of The Bahamas are best known for the sparkling clean water that makes it one of the world’s great playgrounds for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing or just sleeping on the powder fine sand.  This paradise is just 50 miles of the coast of Florida. 


Nassau/Paradise Island is where your cruise ship will dock.  It is one of the world’s great resort destinations.  Those who like history and culture with their sun and fun will find forts, British colonial buildings, stately homes and churches and a bevy of “down home” restaurants.  Bahamian arts and crafts fill the shops and markets.  Fashion, jewelry, crystal, china, leather and perfumes are for sale on Nassau’s Bay Street.  The U.S. Dollar is accepted and after strolling the shops, head down to the famed Straw Market which just a three-minute walk from the pier where your ship docked.  Be prepared to bargain. 


Taxis are readily available at the pier.  You will find it best to bargain for your round trip fare.  Be certain you and your driver know your full intent and the time involved.  For an outing, be sure to visit the resort of Atlantis, which is the world’s second largest marine habitat second only to mother nature.  Atlantis is also the largest resort hotel in the Bahamas. 


Admiral’s TIP: Feel free to explore the area on your own, but be aware of the time involved with any excursion. It is advisable to sign up for shore excursion through your cruise line.  There are always numerous shore excursions in the Bahamas to enjoy.  Check with your cruise line and book online to ensure you see what you want to see. If you book an independent shore excursion, remember to give yourself enough time to get back to your ship, she will not wait for you.