Huatulco is located along the Pacific coast in the Southeastern part of Mexico.  It is 52,000 acres in size with a 22-mile coast consisting of 9 beautiful bays and over 36 beaches.  Inland are the massive mountains of The Sierra Madre Del Sur.  Approximately 7000 year round residents live in Hautulco. 


Spanish is the official language but English is spoken by many.  The peso is the official currency but U.S. dollars, credit cards and travelers checks are widely accepted.  You can shop at both Santa Cruz and La Crucesita have a variety of small shops and markets that offer Mexican handicrafts. 


Taxi prices may vary.  It is advisable to agree on a fare before departing.  Fares are one-way and based on 4 passengers. 


Santa Cruz is within walking distance to the pier.