The aroma of nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa fills the air on Grenada, which is justifiably called “The Spice Island of The Caribbean”.  Grenada is the most southerly of the Windward Island and its terrain includes lofty mountains, deep valleys cascading waterfalls over its crystal streams, black and white sand beaches and picturesque harbors.  


Be sure to leave the ship early as your time on most cruise lines is brief.  Buses are inexpensive, but more picturesque than comfortable.  You are better off taking a taxi, the drivers are delightful, LOVE Americans and double as tour guides.  Prices are posted. 


Consider stopping at the Office of Tourism about a half a block from the tender for some friendly guidance on planning your time here.  Not far from the city and well worth the trip is Annandale Falls where you can see a mountain stream splashing down a height of 50 feet into a bright blue pool.     The falls are surrounded by Liana vines, Elephant Ears and other tropical flora.  This is a wonderful place for picnicking and swimming in clear-fresh water.  For the more adventurous is Concord Falls, about an hours ride from St. George’s.  It’s at least a two mile hike to the top.  Beware though; it can be awfully hot if you go mid-day.  If time allows, visit Bay Gardens and Grand Anse Beach.


SHOPPING:    Working plantations turn out all you ever hoped for in your spice cabinet—fresh bay leaves, saffron, cloves and at least a half dozen others in addition to nutmeg that really put the island on the map in 1843.  The special souvenir here is a spice basket-hand-woven panniers of palm leaf or straw filled with all the pungent aromatic spices foe which this island is famous for.  The Shopping Plaza in St. George’s is a center for handicrafts and locally designed tropical wear.  Shops close very early for lunch, at 11:45 and reopen from 1:00 until 3:45 pm. 


ADMIRALS TIP:  The best buys aren’t necessarily in the most commercial shops.  More interesting handicrafts are in the villages if you can seek out someone who learned his skills from an older person.