Grand Cayman

The largest of the three Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is the favorite port of many people.  In spite of its affluence or the many tourists who go there, the island has remained unspoiled.  This British Commonwealth island has become a financial center with over 250 banks. 


Unless, unspoiled beaches with white sands are all over this island.  Seven Mile Beach is an absolute stop for sun worshipers.  It costs about $2 for transportation to the beach.  Get off at Holiday Inn Beach for excellent water sports facilities.  The Cayman Turtle Farm is the first such commercial green turtle farm.  You can either take a tour through your ship or just grab a taxi at the pier.  Your driver can tell you about other things of interest along the way and it will cost much less than an organized tour.  The taxis had red license plates numbers so you can easily tell which vehicles are: legitimate”.  Another popular thing to do in Grand Cayman is swim with the sting rays, safe and fun. 


For shopping, some local handicrafts are available with some of the works duty free, but check with the local storekeepers for the rulings on these items.  Imported items are priced similar to the U.S.  Pink and black coral jewelry and items fashioned from sea shells are tempting native crafts.  Black coral harvesting is now restricted so the value of items made from this has vastly increased. 


Numerous actives await you here.   This is a great stop for snorkelers and scuba divers.  Some of the best diving waters in the Caribbean are found here.  Dive shops are numerous around the pier and at the beach as well.      


ADMIRALS TIP:  Grand Cayman has limited shopping, all within walking distance of where your tender will drop you off downtown.  We don’t recommend sightseeing here—just hit the beach for the finest snorkeling and scuba diving in the world.  The water is clear down to 150 feet and the beaches are magnificent.