Costa Maya


Costa Maya is located on the East coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.  This port offers shopping and recreational facilities.  Throughout the day, shuttles run passengers back and forth between ships and the pier complex, a distance of about 200-300 yards from the dock. 


One large pavilion houses local craftsmen who are making and selling their wares.  Another has a restaurant and a bar.  Folkloric groups perform in an amphitheater.  Costa Maya’s poolside palapa restaurant, Bandito’s, specializes in fire roasted lobster and frozen drinks.  Mamasita’s Taqueria serves snacks like quesadillas, burritos and a big Mexican combo plate. The style and the colors of the port complex are a modern interpretation of the Mayan Culture.  To get the most out of a visit, passengers should book or in go into the Yucatan interior.  At the port passengers can visit a museum and nature habitat dedicated to the conservation of native crocodiles.  English speaking naturalists guide visitors through an interactive museum and to viewing towers linked by a suspension bridge over a lagoon. 


The Costa Mayan region is home to five of the area’s ancient Mayan Cities.  Some of these are still being re-discovered and all are quite unspoiled.  The impressive ruins at the first Mayan City of Oxtankah date back to 350 A.D.  Chacchoben was one of the principal distribution centers for the region’s precious woods and jade.  It dates to 360 A.D and is largely unexplored. 


Chinchorro is a coral reef offering tremendous snorkeling and diving opportunities.  Its size equals that of the island of Cozumel.  Divers who explore the reef might see traces of the wrecks of the 16th century pirate vessels. 


An internet center is located behind the amphitheater and shopping arcade.  No post office or money exchange facilities are available a the port.  All prices within the complex are in U.S. dollars.  Best souvenirs are leather goods, silver bracelets and blankets.