Colon, Panama

As the capital of Colon Province on Panama’s central Caribbean coast, Colon lies at the very heart of the county’s rich history and innovation.  This important port town is less than an hour’s drive from Panama’s most historical attractions, so it’s easy to fit in visits to sites like the Panama Railroad, Gatun Locks and old Spanish fortress Fort San Lorenzo.  And of course, crystal blue waters and pure white sand are always a sweet setting for a cruise vacation. 


While in Panama, be sure to pay a visit to the impressive Gatun Locks, where you can watch ships and tankers being lifted up to 85 feet to the level of Lake Gatun.  And bring your camera – you’ll want to capture the amazing views that surround this engineering marvel.  Along with this don’t miss attraction, there are many other places to see and things to do such as shopping, which is duty free is the largest duty-free zone in the America’s, so whatever is on your shopping list-you are bound to find it here!  Also, you should try to take in the tours to Gatun Lake like the Gatun Lake Safari where birds, monkey’s sloths, iguanas and crocodiles are just some of the animals you might see, along with the lush foliage. 


Although American, French and Spanish cuisine is easy to find around Colon, you don’t want to miss out on the hot and spicy local cooking.  And remember, you are in a prime spot for fresh seafood, so take advantage. Try the regional specialty like Ceviche, a marinated fish dish. 


The official currency in Panama is the U.S. dollar, known as the Balboa.  Many stores and restaurants also accept major credit cards, which usually offer you a good exchange rate.


ADMIRALS TIP:  Although there are numerous taxis in the area, we suggest at least in this port to take a guided tour where you can learn about the locks and its history.