Cabo San Lucas


Located on the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is slated to be the most sparkling jewel in Mexico.  The surrounding beauty and the town is well along the way to becoming Baja’s premier resort while retaining its sleepy village charm.


CURRENCY:  U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere.  Be sure to check the exchange rate they are using before purchasing anything. 


TRANSPORATION:  The cruise ships cannot dock at Cabo San Lucas.  Tenders are used to take passengers to shore.  This is a short journey which lands at a small pier.  Taxis are available at the pier (they are unmetered so barter in advance), but it is only a five-minute walk to the foot of the main street of this very tiny town. Mopeds and bicycles can be rented at Chubasco’s on Marina Blvd. 


SIGHTS:  Cabo is famous for its towering eroded rocks at the end of the peninsula.  Most notable is the often photographed rock arch where the Seas of Cortes meets the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  A short boat trip gives a close-up view of the arch and allows one to view the sea lions lazing away the day.  This is a great trip for camera buffs with a the gorgeous blues of the Pacific in contrast to the rock formations.  A few hours of beaching can also be an enjoyable pastime, but be careful of swimming as the tides can be dangerous.  Pelicans are abundant near the pier. 


SHOPPING:  This town which formally had only a handful of shops has turned into a shopper’s paradise.  Plaza Candido, the area’s first shopping mall has opened downtown on Lazaro Cardenas.  It has boutiques including Maracam the Cotton Club and La Bamba.  Silver jewelry, souvenirs and tee shirts are for sale a numerous places in town.   A craft market at the cruise ship and fish boat marina works every day.  Prices are a bit higher than in Matzalan and Puerto Vallarta, but the items in these shops also tend toward the higher quality. 


ADMIRALS TIP:  The Giggling Marlin is a happening, like a three-ring circus.  A silver “shop” that never seems to close and a fishing boat charter stand are in the entrance patio, along with flashy motorcycles.  This place is a crazy delight!