Barbados is the most eastern of the West Indian Islands in the Caribbean.  It is a small island with an attractive coastline. Its east  coasts meets the rolling breakers of the Atlantic and the western shores meet the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean. The British, who occupied the island from 1627 until 1966, have left their cultural mark. Barbados can be an exciting place of all day water sports, or a lazy place to hide from a busy world.


English is the spoken language, and US dollars are accepted everywhere.  Taxis are un-metered but fares are reasonable. There is a free bus that runs continually from the ship to the terminal building, where you can catch the taxies.


Sights:  Pelican Village, the local craft market, is just a half mile from the pier. Walk west along the wharf to Careenage, and you will see banana boats and fishing dinghies bobbing in the harbor. The Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant and bar is a good place to sit and relax while enjoying the waterfront area Visit Trafalgar Square in town, with its monument to Admiral Nelson, St. Michael’s Cathedral, or St Ann’s Fort. The west coast (the side the ships dock) is noted for its white sandy beaches and luxury hotels. Take a tour of the island to enjoy all Barbados has to offer. Harrison Caves are fascinating to see! 500,000 years old, they are huge and filled with lakes, waterfalls, rivers as well as huge stalactites and stalagmites. A tram, with a guide on board takes you through the caves. Then go on to Sunbury Plantation for a tour of an old sugar plantation. A stop at St John’s Church, which is 800 feet above sea level, gives a splendid view of the rugged Atlantic coast.


Shopping:         Broad Street, which runs through the center of Bridgetown, is the place to shop. Good buys are available here if you are looking for china, crystal, cashmere, linens, jewelry or batik prints. Stores close at 4:00pm.


Admiral’s tip:    Barbados is known for its beauty. Get out of town; forget about shopping if your cruise has another good shopping port. Find a friendly taxi driver and negotiate a price to see all the sights. Realize that you will also have to pay admission charges to Harrison Caves and Sunbury Plantation. The taxi itself is about half of what the tours from the ship cost.