Antigua, the largest of the British Leeward Islands has 365 beaches, one for every day of the year!  Its 108 square miles are limestone and volcanic remnants that have built beach-fringed, scrub covered islands throughout the Caribbean.


CURRENCY:  The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (E.C.) is the local currency.  Most places quote is E.C. dollars, so be sure which exchange is being used.  U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere.




TRANSPORATION:  Taxis are readily available and rates are posted.  When getting a taxi for a tour, look for ones that have a sign in their window which says “Antigua Nice”.  That means that the driver has had special training in the skills of giving guided tours and showing people the island.  You will get an excellent tour!


SIGHTS:  A must on your exploring list is English Harbour, with Lord Nelson’s Dockyard.  This is a well-done restoration of the 18th century dockyard and is now a national park area.  Guides will take you through the many buildings and explain the history.  There is a $3.00 per person fee, including the guided tour.  A stop at Clarence House, a handsome stone residence built for Prince William Henry will give you a spectacular view of English Harbour.  Shirley Heights another view point, will give you a breathtaking vista of the Caribbean shoreline.  Along the way you will see the pineapple groves and banana trees.


BEACHES:  A gorgeous beach, recommend to us by a captain on one of the ships which stops here is Dark Wood Bay.  The beach is a picture-perfect beach without the crowds you find on some other beaches. 


SHOPPING:  Heritage Quay, right by the new pier has many interesting shops.  Another area to be sure to see is Red Cliffe Quay, a restored warehouse with many boutiques and shops.  It is a little hard to find…for signs on the side of some buildings on Redcliffe Street and go down a short alley-way to get to the shops.  One other shot to visit is the Body Shop off of market Street which carries a wide variety of lotions/beauty products made with all natural ingredients.


ADMIRALS TIP:  Skip a lot of the shopping in this port and head out to English harbour followed by some time at the beach a memorable day.